5 ideas for Macrame Plant Hangers

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People think Macrame has a textile art form that was super popular in the 1970s but in fact, it is a lot older. Today it is becoming more popular once more as it fits into so many different styles and designs in people’s homes.

You can have some beautiful and quite intricate macrame pieces and they come in so many different forms, some are artwork to enjoy and some work as a practical tool, like having a macrame plant hanger or two. As a plant hanger, you can enjoy the textile and the plant at the same time.

You can choose something super complex, or something simple, something that hangs in the corner of rooms, or something that hangs on a wall. You can go for neutral in colour or you can add some colour and life. Here is a look at five ideas for macrame plant hangers.

Five great options for macrame plant hangers

Coming in different patterns, pictures, colours, shapes and sizes here is a look at just five of the great options out there.

1. Yerbamala Designs Filament Plant Hanger - If you are looking for something sturdy yet still attractive then you could try out the above hanger for your home. You can get it in 5 colours that are neutral but add interest, sage, black, white, mustard and grey and it is made from cotton rope that has been recycled. The macrame creates a thick knotted cord at the top and bottom and then it has some tassels hanging down and for easy mounting a ring integrated into the top. Its length is 43 inches and it holds pots that have a diameter that is between 5 to 8 inches.

2. World Market Natural Bead Macrame Plant Hanger - Holding plant pots that are up to 8 inches in diameter this macrame plant hanger is a little fun and little bohemian with the addition of the beads. The twisted cotton thread is about 40 inches long and the top has metal hoops for hanging. It is a great hanger for small to medium-sized plants.

3. Urban Outfitters Natural Plant Hanger - This natural-looking hanger is great for smaller spaces and small plants as it takes 4 to 5 inches plant pots. It comes in three designs so you can mix it up and measures 42 inches long. Rather than a metal hoop, it has a loop as part of its design so you can hang it.

4. Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger - One of the simplest in design but still attractive and its affordability means you can get several of them. It comes in either grey or ivory and is 41 inches in length. It holds pots up to 8 inches in diameter. It has some spiral knots, a long tassel hanging down and a strong loop at the top.

5. MAJAMI Studio Large Plant Hanger - If you are looking for something attractive and strong enough for larger plants then you could try this macrame plant hanger. It is more than 84 inches in length and it can handle pots that are 12 inches in diameter or more. It certainly makes a statement with its cotton rope square details, spirals as it can stretch from the floor to the ceiling. If you are hanging an especially heavy plant be sure to position it on a stud.


Macrame Plant Hangers

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