8 Different and Interesting Window Treatments

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Are you looking for interesting options to add decor to your windows other than the usual boring curtains? Here are some fun and interesting window treatments for you to try, from large macrame window dressings to old maps, we got you covered!


Use the flag of your country and display it with national pride as your curtains, or choose a flag of something special. How about a jolly roger, or a vintage-style flag? Add some extra touches like an oar to hang it up on maybe. You can create a real point of interest and have an unusual window treatment.

DIY Faux Stained Glass

This might not be exactly a window treatment but it sure makes your windows stand out! Of course, the real thing is not something most people can manage but there are some fun DIY options that allow you to get creative while making a statement with a window or two.

Coffee Sacks as Curtains

Sounds crazy we know but stay with us. If you are a coffee lover this is a great idea for your kitchen window! Burlap coffee sacks are not expensive and you can add in some stencilled typography to add an extra touch. Fellow coffee fans among your friends will highly appreciate them!

Interesting Tea Towels

Sometimes people have a number of tea towels that they feel are too good to use. It might be gifts or souvenirs from your travels, or it might be gifts from someone or just something you bought because it looked good. Rather than just having them sitting in a drawer or cupboard, how about attaching a few of your favourites and creating a window hanging that gives you a chance to enjoy them while they serve a practical purpose.

Large Macrame Hangings

A macrame curtain could be a great addition to any room. It adds a creative design to the window and suits all kinds of designs and styles. You can learn the art yourself and see what you can come up with, but there is a lot of macrame on the market right now from highly talented artists of varying forms, curtains, pillows, plant holders and a lot more.

Vintage Doilies

Another one for people who enjoy crafting is finding and putting together vintage doilies to create a window treatment. It can hang down as far or as little as you prefer and they are easy to source around thrift stores and the like.

Old Maps

Old Maps

Old maps are so interesting to look at! Some of them are truly pieces of art all on their own. You could put one up as something of interest on the wall, or you could take a step further and use one or more for a window.

Fabric-Scrap Curtains

If you have fabric scraps around the home and do not know what to do with them, you could cut them into strips and tie them to a curtain rod. You do not even need any sewing or crafting skills!


Whether you choose to tray a macrame curtain, a map, a flag or something else, you do not have to stay traditional. Think out of the box and you can achieve all kinds of interesting looks for your windows.

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