Decorating with Macrame

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Macrame is not just a seventies thing. For over 800 years it has been around in some form or another, sometimes less popular, sometimes more. It is more than a hippy form of art, it takes a great deal of skill to create the kinds of intricately detailed macrame wall hanging Australia and items you can buy today. But you can also learn it yourself and start from more simple patterns creating plant hangers, pillows, candle holders, table covers, artwork, and more. Macrame is back and it can look great in any home whatever style you prefer. Bored of the usual paintings, think your plant pots look boring? Here are four great ways macrame can make things interesting again.

Enjoy the practicality and beauty of macrame hanging planters

One of the most common examples of macrame in seventies homes was the macrame wall hanging plant holder! Such versatile items you can get them for small pot plants or something larger, you can choose to have as many or as few as you want, and you can have them hanging from the ceiling or from a wall. You could if you prefer to use fake plants. There is a great range in styles, colours and lengths so experiment with what works best for you and your needs.

Large Boho Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial - YouTube

Choose a wall hanging rather than a painting!

If you want to choose something else to hang as a point of interest on your wall, other than a painting, print or photo, you might find a macrame wall hanging Australia. You can choose from various colours, themes and styles, choose something traditional looking, or go for something more modern. The choice is yours, and it would look great.

DIY Macrame Pillow Cover Patterns To Upgrade Your Pillows

Scatter some macrame pillows on the couch

Macrame throw pillows add softness to the room and comfort but they can also make a bold statement, or be something more neutral depending on the room you put them in. Add a great vibe to your living room or any area with seating.

Macrame Candle Holder - DIY Home Decor - YouTube

Choose from a variety of macrame candle holders

Inject some fun with macrame candle holders. Relax in the bath with your attractive candles, light them on the patio table with guests outside, they add an additional element of interest. You might find you can manage to make your own macrame candle holders, or you might prefer to leave it to the experts. Either way, you can get something that suits your tastes in today’s world.


Whether you choose to get a wall hanging, a macrame wall hanging plant holder, a tapestry for the bedroom, candle holders, pillows, or something else, macrame is not an old-fashioned art that has no place in the design world today. It is a beautiful craft and for those who are not inclined to learn it, there are many skilled artists that create some great pieces for you to consider. Add interest, a bohemian feel, and decorate your home a bit differently to most people!

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