Wall Hangings Add Something Special to a Room

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People have been hanging things up on their walls as decoration for hundreds of years. For a long period, the wealthy loved to hang tapestries on their walls, but there were also herald banners for the wealthy, and silks and such too. Temples, churches, castles in various cultures around the world used them. They sent a message, they were artwork, they helped block draughts!

Today when people hang something on the wall it tends to be more about the image in the artwork, and very commonly people use a framed piece of art, photo or print. People have their family pictures on their office wall, a favourite painting in their living room. But gradually wall hangings are becoming more popular once more and for good reasons.

Add some beauty and interest and life to a room with a wall hanging. It might be a round macrame wall hanging, or it might be something else. Here is a look at some of the options when it comes to wall hangings today.

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Exploring Some Different Types of Wall Hanging

There are quite a large number of options when it comes to wall hangings so it is very easy to find something that suits your taste and fits the style of the room you want to put it in. With different forms and materials in use, you can create a great wall to look at and even talk about. Here are a few examples;

Tapestries - Tapestries are probably one of the first things people think of when you start talking about wall hangings because of their tradition. They can be beautiful works of art and can depict specific stories or events, or be something more abstract. It is a piece of fabric densely woven with an image or pattern. This hanging wall decor can be as small or as large as you want, and you can find both modern designed and older options giving you a great range of choices to hang on your wall.
Wood - Wooden wall hangings are becoming more popular as people look for options that also bring nature into the home. You can get very natural-looking wall hangings or more finished and complex carvings. Different finishes, styles and sizes mean you can put wood hangings in any room. Buy from what you browse or have a custom piece made!
Quilt - Quilts were commonly hung once, to show off the skill of the person who made it, and to soften and warm the room. Today people think of quilts as a bed covering but you can also still use them as an attractive hanging wall decor. Quilts can come in simple designs or something a lot more embellished and complex, the choice is yours. You can hang them from a tapestry rod or a quilt hanger.
Metal - As well as wood, another material you can use for wall hangings is metal. This gives a more modern look and you can have any kind of metal you want.
Macrame - This is an ancient art form using some form of string, rope or thread and different types of knots to create either a picture or pattern. You can get all sorts of sizes, shapes and colours, round macrame wall hanging, old hangings, something made modern and vibrant. It looks good in all kinds of homes and you can choose a style, and fibre depending on the style of the room where you want to hang it. It is a beautiful art form and creates something special in the room it is hung. You will find yourself appreciating it often and people that come over will want to talk about it!
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