Shipping Info

The following document contains all the necessary questions and information you will be required to know regarding our shipping policy and shipping information.

What is the duration of the order processing?

When you place an order, it is shipped within seven days which are required for processing the order. However, in most cases orders are processed in 1-3 working days. These incorporate working days only, excluding the holidays. During the holidays, if you have placed an order it can take up to 14 days for the order to get process ready for shipping.

What is the shipping time?

If the order is within the US, it will be shipped using USPS, and in case of International orders, shipping is entirely dependent upon the different fulfillment center (which enable us to outsource shipping and warehousing) the product is delivered from. This is done to ensure that you receive the best quality and speedy shipping of your order.

  • For Australia - depending on item availability, transit time is 5-14 working days
  • For the US - transit time is 5-20 working days
  • For International – transit time is 10-45 working days
  • On an Average, three weeks is the standard transit time.

The transit time is given to ensure everything goes smooth. But in case of any unusual circumstances, such as natural disasters,  holidays or rough weather, the shipping may be delayed. Such things ARE NOT in our control, and you should understand the delays caused in the shipping due to such circumstances.

WE DO NOT guarantee the exact delivery time. It is the responsibility of the shipping company.

Which courier is used for delivery?

As our products are usually shipped via fulfillment centers so, the courier depends upon the fulfillment centers. They vary from country to country to ensure the best prices.

You received only one item, and you have ordered for more?

This is the case when you have ordered for multiple items which are packaged differently. In this case, the shipping time of the packages will differ from one another. Kindly allow the time for packages to arrive.

Do you have to pay any extra tax on the products?

The prices on your receipt might be different from those you ordered, but don't worry. Our warehousewill ensure that you get the lowest additional costs possible.

You didn't receive a confirmation email yet?

You have to make sure you have provided the correct email address. Kindly check your spam folder as well in the case to see if the email has been sent there, if you haven't received the mail, send us an email right away.

What happens when you are not home when the delivery arrives?

Anyone who is at your home can collect the order. Usually, a collection slip is left at the place where no one answers the bell. And you can collect it from the post office near you.

Can you change the address of the shipment?

It is recommended to do a double check in case of shipping address, as we process the orders on the same day, you can email us right away, and we will do our best to sort out the matter. If the order is already shipped from our warehousecenter, we can do nothing about it. In that case, we can send out our order to the nearest warehouse, and you can contact us to find the regional warehouse in your country.

In case you are in a different country:

  1. Hong Kong

You have to check for certain orders which can be shipped in your country or not.

  1. UAE

In case of a certain procedure which is required to carry out the shipment, you need to consult the local post offices.

in case of any queries, contact us right away, we are always here to help!